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CAS Portion Control Scales

  • CAS Model SW Series Scales

    For A Brochure On This CAS ScaleFor A Manuel On This CAS Scale   CAS SW series portable digital scales are battery operated and NTEP approved - ideal for use as a food scale or for legal for trade retail weighing Approved Legal for Trade...

    List Price: $225.00
    DBS Price: $189.00
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  • CAS Model SW-W Series Scales ''Water Resistant''

    CAS SW-W digital food scales provide portability since they operate on AC adapter or battery powered.  When you power it up with alkaline batteries, you get roughly 1,000 hours of uninterrupted use.  In addition to being portable, CAS SW-Wis...

    List Price: $325.00
    DBS Price: $259.00
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