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  • Poultry Loops / Trussing Loops - 450°

    Poultry Loops / Trussing Loops - 450°

    Trussing Loops Flexible and easy to apply! Our trussing loops provide an easy means of securing poultry for packaging or cooking. Made of rubber covered polyester, they are hygienic, flexible, and easy to apply without the use of equipment. They are...

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  • Ham Stockinett - 20"

    Ham Stockinett - 20"

    Each stockinett is 20 inches long and is closed on one end.  They have a very sturdy weave to them to ensure no breakage.  There's 100 Ham Stockinetts per bundle.  

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  • Beef Tubing

    Beef Tubing

    Features:Sold by the poundAverage weight per roll 32 lb (Tan in color, used for Halloween)Approximately 9 yards per pound   Minimum Order 32lbs.

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