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SANI-Lav - Accessories & Drains

  • SANI-LAV 202 Stainless Steel Tray

    Model 202 Stainless Steel Tray   Features Stainless steel tray for the food industry Electropolished and passivated to enhance corrosion resistance This tray fits most standard dollies and racks for easy storage Sanitary seamless...

    DBS Price: $64.95
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  • SANI-LAV 300 Stainless Steel Floor Drain

    Model 300   Stainless Steel Floor Drains Constructed from heavy duty stainless steel.  Fully welded with built-in trap to prevent sewer gas odors.  A removable, lift-out basket makes for easy cleaning. Includes (1) Stainless Steel...

    DBS Price: $475.00
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  • SANI-LAV 560 Perforated False Bottom

    Model 560 Perforated False Bottom   Features Size is 15" x 18" Made from 18 gauge #304 stainless steel Fits all Columbia 16" x 19" x 10" bowls Numerous perforations for easy fluid flow Creased and notched for easy removal/cleaning  

    DBS Price: $99.95
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  • SANI-LAV 1010 Duo Basket Strainer

    Model 1010 Duo Basket Strainer   Features Removable basket allows for quick disposal of debris and food waste Durable stainless steel construction. Basket can be inserted to allow draining or turned to seal drain outlet.  

    DBS Price: $18.95
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