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Tamale Machine




  • La Tamalera - Manual Tamale Machine

    Free Shipping to a Commercial Address The Best & Most Amazing Manual Tamale Machine on the market!   LA TAMALERA   39 inches tall, is the only free standing floor model manual tamale machine in the industry. It weighs 86 pounds and...

    List Price: $3,450.00
    DBS Price: $2,950.00
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  • El Toro - 100% Electric Tamale Machine

    The Best 100% Electric Tamale Machine this thing is the most amazing Electric Tamale Machine on the market! Can Make Up to 4 Dozen Tamales Per Cycle with the 1 1/4" Diameter Size! El Toro Only Free Standing Floor Machine Up to 480 Tamales per...

    List Price: $5,450.00
    DBS Price: $4,950.00
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