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Better Packages

  • Manuel Gum Tape Dispenser Stainless

        Designed specifically to moisten GSO paper tape.   Works with all rolls up to 5.5'' inches in diameter and rolls up to 1-3/4'' wide. Loads easily — just add water...

    List Price: $86.95
    DBS Price: $78.95
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  • Manuel Gum Tape Dispenser Packer 3S

      Packer 3sRugged, steel frame pull-and-tear dispenser for reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tapes is easy to operate and featured a unique "subway feed" for uniform tension and...

    List Price: $150.00
    DBS Price: $135.00
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  • TapeShooter 404 Manual Paper Gum Tape Dispenser

    TapeShooter 404 Manual Paper Gum Tape Dispenser   With its sleek styling and small footprint, the TapeShooter 404 is an attractive sealing device that fits in well on any countertop. The...

    List Price: $285.00
    DBS Price: $235.00
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